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Our company proposes a range of services needed for importing and exporting of commodities, including importers/exporters, FEA-agent services, logistics, customs, as well as pursuing FEA in the EU and Russia. We act as a representative for purchasing/selling goods and as a service agent in different countries.

FEA outsourcing

FEA outsourcing is delegating foreign economic operations to a third party provider. Foreigneconomic activity is a specific and complex activity, which is far more than purchase and sale of commodities. During execution of a deal it requires an entire stuff of specialists qualified inexport/import operations, logistics, customs clearance, certification, currency law and so on. Even a single factor underestimation may lead to both financial loss or administrative and criminal risks. If your core business isn’t related to shipping or receiving commodities from abroad, but you are using imported goods or have a foreign buyer, then you should be interested.

Why Choose Us


Modern customs warehouse with complete range of services in Latvia.


We use our own ADR transport (icl. Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9), it eliminates any delays and mistakes connected with the third person.


Friendly, professional and experienced at your service.


Advanced logistics technology and automated service queueing.


Single source for all your logistic needs: shipping, processing, documentation and customs clearance.