ADR Transportation

Dangerous goods transportation is one of our basic specializations.

1.) We provide shipping dangerous goods of the following classes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9;

2.) professionalism of our drivers, holding international ADR licenses;

3.) efficient condition control of our fleet, ensured by mandatory technical inspections on each transit transportation of hazardous goods (ADR) with semi-trailers including complex deliveries of mixed dangerous goods (ADR);

Company LARTRANS. will provide you with other services, such as:

1.) customs clearance of the dangerous cargo while entering a European country or leaving it;

2.) special conditions for a hazardous cargo, storage of goods and consolidation on temporary warehouses.

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Groupage transportation

Groupage (LTL or Less-Than-Truckload) Transportation. We transport consolidated cargos from Europe to CIS on daily basis. Thus you will have detailed information on the dates of dispatch and delivery and you will be able to plan your work in advance. LARTRANS’s experience in this field and established contacts allow us to offer You shorter (faster than in average market) terms of delivery for groupage cargos even during high-seasons.

We offer:

1.) transportations from anywhere in Russia and Europe;

2.) supporting documentation processing;

3.) warehousing, as well as all kinds of related services (unloading, loading, packing, storage);

4.) «door to door» delivery of cargo.

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Oversized Cargo Transportation

LARTRANS has a big experience in transporting oversized cargos:

1.) industrial constructions;

2.) agricultural and road machinery;

3.) factory equipment;

4.) tanks and pipes;

5.) any other packed/opened heavy and bulky cargos.

LARTRANS drivers and logistics operators know the laws for transporting heavy and bulky goods in the European Union and in Russia. Requirements for such transportation in the EU and Russia are not yet unified, thus practical experience is really valuable.

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Maritime Transport

Maritime transport is one of the most economical options

for transporting large shipments.

Container shipping involves delivery to the destination without reloading, without the risk of damage, even with the change of vehicle. On the fact of delivery of the cargo at the port, we provide an overload on road or rail transport with further delivery to the final recipient.

Our company has practical experience with sea ports in shipping industrial goods.

Types of services in maritime transport:

1.) Sea freight; 2.) Container transport using direct and combined cargo delivery schemes; 3.) Terminal cargo handling in ports of departure and destination; 4.) Unloading / loading of the car, train wagon, sea vessel; 5.) Surveying inspection; 6.) Preferential storage in river and sea ports; 7.) Marking of cargo; 8.) Release of originals and copies of bills of lading; 9.) Release of FBL; 10.) Additional cargo insurance against all risks.

LARTRANS Company has the necessary experience, contacts and opportunities for the implementation of maritime transport of any complexity.

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Customs Clearance

To minimize the time your cargo spends on the border at customs, we make electronic declaring of goods that are to be exported/imported to/from Europe and CIS.

Our services include:

1.) Efficient Customs clearance upon arrival of the goods;

2.) Full service for European and non-European cargoes;

3.) Same day Export customs formalities;

4.) Fully licensed modern warehousing for all duty free stocks;

5.) Intrastat services for all European cargoes.

Company LARTRANS also provides broker services and custom clearance consultations for the territory of Russia, depending on cargo nomenclature and clients’ requirements.

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Storage and Consolidation in EU

Characteristics of the customs warehouse:

1.) Heated storage class "A" (1500 sq.m.);

2.) Heated storage class "B" (6000 sq.m.);

3.) Availability of cargo handling equipment;

4.) Availability of railway sidings;

5.) The possibility of shelf storage;

6.) Controlled temperature conditions;

7.) Ability of 24/7 cargo handling;

8.) On-line monitoring of cargo status;

9.) Presence of video suvellance;

10.) Insurance of freights for the entire period of storage.

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